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Is it safe to buy auto insurance online?
Yes! The internet has proved to be a very efficient way for consumers to do price comparisons for auto insurance quotes when shopping for auto insurance. The majority of online insurance sellers are safe legitimate companies that are safe to do business online with.

Can any auto insurance company sell insurance to me?
When you want to purchase any type of auto insurance from a company online, you need to make sure that the company is licensed to sell and provide insurance in your state. Sometimes if you know that the company is legit, there is no need. For instance, everyone has heard of State Farm, aig, Geico and AIG. Insurance companies, online or not though are required to be licensed in every state they operate in. You can check with your state’s Insurance Commissioner to look for the smaller insurance companies.

What should I look for when looking for auto insurance online?
Online auto insurance companies will probably try to offer you the lowest rate in order to get your business because they know you can easily go to any other site to compare quotes. However, when comparing prices and quotes, be sure that you provide identical information about yourself, or else this will affect rates. In addition, make sure that you are comparing equal levels of coverage, as the different offerings may be based upon different levels of coverage and protection. It is also good to see what coverage’s are included, such as roadside assistance, as not all companies provide this.

Is it safe to give out my personal information online when I request an auto insurance quote on the internet?
Most auto insurance ompanies are legitimate providers, and will deal with you honestly. However, make sure you don't fill out any forms from any spam e-mails. Those spammers end up collecting your information and sell it for a number of people. You need to read the website's privacy policy to see what their intentions are with your information once you give it to them. Also make sure that the websites where you fill out your information are protected by SSL Encryption so that no hackers can gain access to your information. To make sure the web pages are secure, look for the little lock on the bottom of your web browser’s screen when you get to the pages you need to fill out.

If I try to buy auto insurance online, will I get my policy from the same company?
In a lot of cases the insurance provider will be the same company as the one operating the web site. But in some cases the web site can just be a lead generation method for other outside insurance companies. This does not mean their websites are bad or anything. Just know these web sites will sell your sales lead to an outside auto insurance company who will then contact you.

Is it harder to file a claim with an online auto insurance company?
Even though you may have purchased your auto insurance online using the internet, your insurance claims process will typically be handled over the phone. Once you purchased car insurance online, you'll be provided with phone numbers to use when filing a claim. It should be just as simple as if you had purchased your auto insurance from a local agent.

Can an online auto insurance seller get me the best rate?
One advantage that online auto insurance companies have is that they will, in some cases, represent multiple insurance carriers. This lets them give you a quote from multiple insurance carriers, and helps you to find the lowest cost provider.

Is it faster to purchase auto insurance online instead of from a local agent?
This will depend on whether the website selling the insurance is run by the insurance carrier or just a reseller, and also on how they do business. There is really no way to tell except to read each companies web site or ask them a question online or by email. In some cases the online insurer can issue a policy online and give you a proof of insurance form to print out for your records.

How do I contact my state’s Insurance Commissioner to check out an online auto insurance company?
You can search the web for your state’s Insurance Commissioner’s Office website, or you can call them on the phone.

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