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Mature Discount
Multi-Car Discount
Non-Smokers Discount
Senior Discount
Misc. Discount

To help you get the best rates on car insurance you can, we've compiled a list of auto insurance discounts you can get on car insurance. Each item in the list has a straight-forward explanation so you can read them over and make sure you don't pass up ones that apply to you. These car discounts are small, but every little bit of savings help these days. A majority of the time, most auto insurance agents will inquire about probably half of the items listed below.

AIR BAG DISCOUNT: Most insurance companies should give you a discount for having air bags in your car. Dual airbags will actually give you more of a discount then just a driver's side airbag alone, but either way a small percent discount will be given (10% - 30%).

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ANTI-THEFT DEVICE DISCOUNT: When buying comprehensive coverage for your car, having some sort of anti-theft device will usually net you a discount. This discount isn't too big but again, it does help. Just don't run out and get a anti-theft device just for the sake of a discount, but if you already have one, make sure you mention it to your insurance agent.

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ANTI-LOCK BRAKES DISCOUNT: A small discount is given if your car comes equipped with anti-lock brakes. Discounts vary by different states and may also vary by 2 or 4 wheel anti-lock systems.

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DRIVER TRAINING DISCOUNT: Small discounts are given for having completed a driver's training course approved by the state. These courses can take a number of hours, so if you are a busy person on the run, this discount might not be worth chasing after. Although, if you completed any of those courses, you are definitely eligible for a discount. The discount is small and varies from state to state.

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GOOD DRIVER DISCOUNT: If you have had your license for at least 3 years and have had 1 or less points on your driving record in the three years, you are eligible for a good driver's discount. The insurance agent will verify this through the DMV, so don't bother stretching the truth. The point system can be tricky as the DMV changes it from time to time, so if you are unsure, check withh your local DMV and request a copy of your personal driving record for under $5.00.

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GOOD STUDENT DISCOUNT: This is a very small insurance discount given for any full time students with a "B" average or better or with a 3.0 GPA or higher. They will want a copy of your grades from school, so have that handy.

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LOW MILEAGE DISCOUNTS: Most auto insurance companies will give you a minor discount if you drive below their set number of miles in their set amount of time. They will check odometers so make sure you won't lose the discount and have to pay the difference back to them if you are lying to them.

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LOW PROFILE CAR DISCOUNT: If you own a low profile car, most insurance companies have a small discount for your policy. A low profile car would be described by them as a car not normally targeted for theft and not customized to look flashy.

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MATURE DRIVERS DISCOUNT: The rules for this discount vary from one insurance company to another. For some it means over 65 years old, for others it means over 50 years old and then for a few it means anyone over 25 years old.

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MULTI-CAR DISCOUNT: This discount is given when you have two or more cars on the same policy but they have to be registered to the same address as the policy address, kept at the same address as the policy address and be registered to someone living in the house. If the car is registered to 2 people and one lives in the house and the other doesn't, the multi-car discount will not apply to that car.

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NON-SMOKERS DISCOUNT: Some insurance companies give small discounts for non-smoking drivers. I've heard this is because of the amount of accidents in which a lit cigarette plays a part.

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SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS: Age restrictions may but most of the time if the driver is 65 years old or over, there are small senior citizen discounts.

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MISC. DISCOUNTS: Cheap Auto Insurance Rates can save you money as well as discounts. They are mostly determined by:

  • 1. Sex - males have higher rates than females.
  • 2. Age - Over 25 will get you a better rate.
  • 3. Marital Status - Married drivers will have cheaper rates.
  • 4. Driving record - your own past driving record could get you higher rates if its not that good.
  • 5. Vehicle use - Carpool or only work use will get you a better rate.
  • 6. Vehicle type - The type of vehicle you drive will have a lot to do with your rates.
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