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Lower Teenager's Insurance Rate

start saving on your teenager today: auto insurance quote for teenagers

The amount teens aged 16 to 21 pay on insurance is very costly these days. Most teens don't realize the cost of car insurance because most parents pay their policy. If you think gas is costing you enough, car insurance is right up there. The rates are high for a number of reasons:
  • Lack of experience on the road
  • Reputation of wreckless driving

Data have shown that as a group, teens are involved in the most number of auto accidents involving critical and fatal injuries. The leading cause of death among teens aged 16 and 20 is auto accidents. One can now see why auto insurance companies charge a higher premium for car insurance.

So how do you lower your auto insurance premiums?

Get Good Grades!
Definitely maintain at least a B average and you can save from 5-15% on auto insurance rates.

Take a Drivers Education Course
Must insurance companies give lower rates for those teens who have went through some sort of qualified driving course. These courses can be helpful introducing you to the rules of the road and is well worth the cost.

Don't Get Too Wild
Don't get too wild when you first get your license. You start out with a clean slate and would definitely not want to ruin it within the first 3 years. Your insurance would skyrocket to cost more than twice as much.

Choosing the Right Car
Driving a more family oriented car verus a sports car will help keep rates down. For instance, if it came down between a Honda Accord 4 Door or a Honda Accord 2 Door Coupe, you can save at least a few hundred every 6 months by going with the 4 door car. In addition, the higher horsepower a car has, the higher premiums are in general. Cars with low safety ratings can also increase the cost.

Never Drink and Drive
Don't be afraid to refuse to drink if you are attending a party because you have to drive later. Your friends will understand. Wouldn't you rather take a little ego hit rather than be arrested for DUI or worse, get in an accident because you were drunk? More than half of all fatal accidents with teen drivers are alcohol related.

Shop Around for Rates and Policies
Shop around for different rates and policies. We have a rate comparison page to help you compare the various insurance rates. Definitely try to get on the same plan as your parent if you are under 21. The savings is well worth it.

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